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At Conftree, we believe there is a better, richer way to experience conferences.

Whether you are looking for your very first conference or being a frequent visitor, ConfTree's mission is to help you getting the very best experience out of your conference journey - planning, attendance, travel, sharing - we want to have you covered.

We are now hard at work on the first steps to bring this experience to you - developing the tools that will find the conference just right for you.

ConfTree Tech Conferences

What's our mission?

To find new ways to discover conferences - and have fun doing it!

Learn by going to a tech conference

Conferences for Learning

Do you want to learn deeper in a subject? like to connect dots from different topics? or just want to learn something new?

Connect through conferences

Conferences for Networking

Are you particularly interested in connecting with your peers, mentors, or prospects?

Market your conference and ideas

Conferences for Marketers

Are you a great marketer and looking for the right audience for your ideas or products?

About us

Dongkyoung Choe
Dongkyoung Choe
Data Conference Curator

Annie loves to find hidden insights in data and to create something useful out of it and that's what she does during professional hours. In her private time, she often gets hooked and loses track of time on creative and inspiring talks, readings and people.

ConfTree for her is where the two worlds meet and she hopes that ConfTree will help many people connect, discuss and inspire.

Emanuel Muller Ramos
Emanuel Müller Ramos
Web Conference Curator

Conftree is the perfect excuse for me to do the things I love. It allows me to learn new technologies, become a better engineer/manager and cooperate with my best friends.

If this project can help the world to better navigate in the sea of conferences, I think we did a good job!

Peter Logarn
Peter Logarn
Developer Conference Curator

As long as I can remember I have always had a great passion to build, take things apart and figure out how they work. Learning for me comes through practice: trying, failing, succeeding.

That's why I could not imagine a better way to grow as a developer than working with close friends on an ambitous project such as ConfTree.

Christian Ceelen
Christian Ceelen
Security Conference Curator

Christian is our resident security expert. He enjoys long walks, good food and telling you about how to setup your server in fifteen layers of isolation.

He is also an avid conference-goer, presenter and teacher. He proudly created the Antibes pizza Friday event and you can always count on him to send you the latest and greatest xkcd comics.